2017 Entertainment

Below is the final 2017 schedule!


Matcha Stage (May 2017)

10:00 AM Naruwan Taiko
10:30 AM Bohua Youth Group
11:00 AM Halau Hula Kahea o Kalaniana’ole
11:30 AM Southern Sea, Dragon and Lion Dance Association
12:30 PM Confucius Institute at San Diego State University
1:00 PM Karen Organization of San Diego
1:15 PM UCSD Chinese Dance Association
1:30 PM Wat Buddhajakramongkolratanaram, Escondido
2:00 PM JING Institute of Chinese Martial Arts & Culture
2:30 PM Xingjian Dance Studio
3:00 PM Angela & Hannah
3:30 PM La Jolla Taiko
4:00 PM Dance Arts Center Philippine Folk and Polynesian Dance Group
5:00 PM San Diego Korean Pungmul Institute
5:30 PM Mochi Cafe
6:00 PM END


Ube Stage (May 2017)

10:00 AM Khmer Lao Dance Troupe
10:30 AM RemJ-Michael Jackson Tribute Artist
11:00 AM Samahan Filipino American Performing Arts
11:30 AM Imahen Taotao Tano
12:30 PM Jam Fusion Band
1:00 PM Blue Kanon
1:30 PM Studio K
2:00 PM Genbu Daiko of San Diego
2:30 PM Bollywood Steps
3:00 PM Sohaila’s Shining Stars
3:30 PM First Samoan Baptist Community Youth Group
4:00 PM Vietnamese Community of San Diego
4:30 PM Crystal Rose US
5:00 PM San Diego Kimono Club
5:30 PM Polynesian Paradise Dancers
6:00 PM END


Line up subject to change without notice.

Bios and pictures coming soon!  We hope you are as excited about this line up as we are!


Matcha Stage

10:00 am – Naruwan Taiko
Naruwan Taiko was founded in 2008 by Diana Wu and practices “taiko,” a style of drumming from Japan. Although the group practices a Japanese art form, the name “Naruwan” is actually a Taiwanese Ami word which means “welcome, for we are all in the same family” and represents the group’s mission to provide access to taiko for all. Naruwan’s hope is that through these drums, people of all backgrounds, ages, and experiences can be brought together to produce a powerful sound. Naruwan Taiko is currently teaching classes in San Diego and is in the process of building a full fledged school for the community!

10:30 am – Bohua Youth Group
The Bohua Youth Group is a local music ensemble made up of students of varying ages who play traditional Chinese music instruments. Through participating in charity performances and independently hosted community concerts, the Bohua Youth Group actively assists in building and growing the close knit community of Chinese cultural appreciation. Their mission is to spread awareness of Chinese culture and music, and inspire others with their music.

11:00 am – Halau Hula Kahea o Kalaniana’ole
Hālau Hula Kāhea O Kalaniana’ole, under the direction of Aunty Kāhea Stinson. This Hālau 1st opened its doors here in Mira Mesa in 2012 and is a Traditional Hawaiian Hula school. Hula class instruction include boys/girls, men/women from ages 5 – and up. Aunty Kāhea’s Hula School specializes in Ancient and Modern Hula instruction while learning Hawaiian language, Hawaiian arts and crafts, and other cultural enrichment activities.

11:30 am – Southern Sea, Dragon and Lion Dance Association
The Southern Sea, Dragon and Lion Dance Association, is a community based organization that is founded on the basis of preserving the culture and art of Chinese Lion and Dragon dancing. Since it’s inception they have grown to be one of the largest and most recognizable teams in San Diego. They hope to spread cultural awareness throughout the San Diego region and they can be seen performing at various festivals and events.

12:30 pm – Confucius Institute at San Diego State University
Confucius Institute at San Diego State University is a non-profit institution founded in 2009. Its mission is to promote awareness and learning of Chinese language and culture in Southern California. CI/SDSU has immersed the Confucius Six Arts into its Confucius Classroom curriculum. CI/SDSU also generously supports local Asian communities throughout the years. Let’s welcome our CI/SDSU Six Arts Ambassadors.

1:00 pm – Karen Organization of San Diego
Karen Organization of San Diego was established by refugees themselves in 2009 to meet the needs of the Karen and the other ethnic minority groups from Burma who reside in San Diego. KOSD programs include helping refugees to navigate the U.S. systems, as well as providing leadership opportunities for youth and adults, and community empowerment programs. At the same time, KOSD is a community and cultural space where refugees from Burma can explore their new home together through a strong community support system.

1:15 pm – UCSD Chinese Dance Association
The Chinese Dance Association is a group of girls who embrace the art and grace of Chinese Dance. The members are mostly UCSD students who have varying experience levels with dance yet they all share a passion for learning and performing a variety of Chinese dance styles. Every year the group learns different kinds of dances to perform for the public to share their love for traditional Chinese Dance.

1:30 pm -Wat Buddhajakramongkolratanaram, Escondido
The School of Thai Language and Culture at the Thai temple in Escondido offers classes relate to Thai culture which include Thai language, traditional and folk music, traditional and folk dance, fruit and vegetables carving and more. We have five volunteer teachers from Thailand each year and many local volunteer teachers including monks to help teach in these subjects at the temple. Please come check us out when you have time.

2:00 pm – JING Institute of Chinese Martial Arts & Culture
The JING Institute has been performing in and around San Diego for 15 years.  They are based in Scripps Ranch, and offer classes in Wushu / Kung Fu, San Da, Wing Chun, and Tai Chi (Taiji).  JING also has popular children’s programs that include training in Chinese Language and STEAM.

2:30 pm – Xingjian Dance Studio
The JING Institute has been performing in and around San Diego for 15 years.  They are based in Scripps Ranch, and offer classes in Wushu / Kung Fu, San Da, Wing Chun, and Tai Chi (Taiji).  JING also has popular children’s programs that include training in Chinese Language and STEAM.

3:00 pm – Angela & Hannah
Angela & Hannah are a sister singing duo from San Diego, CA., and have been performing together for 6 years. Influenced by artists such as Jason Mraz, Vance Joy, and Elle King, the duo plays a mixture of indie, pop, and rock covers and originals. Their sets include self accompaniment on the acoustic guitar, and an arrangement of two-part harmonies.

3:30 pm – La Jolla Taiko
La Jolla Taiko is a community-based drumming group comprised of members of all ages and backgrounds. Developing artistry that is both traditional and contemporary, La Jolla Taiko strives to infuse their own diverse influences and instruments into a festive and entertaining experience.

4:00 pm – Dance Arts Center Philippine Folk and Polynesian Dance Group
Celebrating it’s 28 years, Dance Arts Center continue to attract people of all ages taking classes in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip-Hop, Ballroom, Philippine Folk and Polynesian instructed by experience teacher with the direction of Tony Salamat, internationally trained and acclaimed dancer who for 28 years taught, choreographed and performed with world class entertainers all over Europe.

5:00 pm – San Diego Korean Pungmul Institute
San Diego Korean Pungmul Institute has been performing at various events to represent Korea and communicate with other communities, such as fairs, festivals, and parades. The performers are composed of elementary through college students from San Diego. The institute teaches young Korean-American students to improve their musical techniques and develop their leadership by practicing every Sunday and performing at a variety of events.

5:30 pm – Mochi Cafe
Mochi Cafe is an event based maid cafe in San Diego, California. Inspired by the maid cafes in Akihabara, Japan, Mochi Cafe entertains their guests at their events through games, dance, song, and cuisine. Serving guests with delicious treats while playing games and dancing for their guests on stage, Mochi Cafe is an eclectic blend of Japanese pop culture, dance, and the celebration of friendship and fun! Mochi Cafe strives to bring the delightfully unique experience of Japanese Maid cafes to the US so it can be enjoyed by everyone.


Ube Stage

10:00 am – Khmer Lao Dance Troupe
A troupe of ordinary individuals, through the power of music and dance, promote cultural pride and preservation of rich Khmer and Lao heritage. Motivated by more than the need to entertain and educate the community, there is a burning passion to inspire and install the importance of cultural identity and pride and hard work into the hearts and minds of future generations.

10:30 am – RemJ-Michael Jackson Tribute Artist
RemJ is a Michael Jackson tribute artist based in Los Angeles, CA. A multi-talented artist (dancer, singer, and actor), he has wowed audiences at several venues and events throughout California and Las Vegas and is here today to entertain the Asian Cultural Festival 2017!!!

11:00 am – Samahan Filipino American Performing Arts
Samahan Filipino American Performing Arts & Education Center has been performing for audiences in San Diego since 1974.  Their focus is on educating communities about Filipino Folk dance and music.  They offer classes to students of all ages in Mira Mesa at the Filipino School and in National City at the Music Learning Center.

11:30 am – Imahen Taotao Tano
Guma’ Imahen Taotao Tano (Images of the People of the Land) was started in 1999 under Fafa’nå’gue and Tribal Council Member Rosemary Mantanona.  Established under Pa’a Taotao Tano in 2002 under the First Master of Chamorro Dance Saina Frank Rabon, Imahen Taotao Tano continues the mission to preserve and perpetuate the Chamorro culture through various community services and events. Members gain legitimate training in their dancing and weaving skills, knowledge of their history, language, familiarity with values of inafamaolek, a sense of reciprocity and respect, so as to continue the legacy of our indigenous people of the land.

12:30 pm – Jam Fusion Band
Former Kids Fusion Band.They play in festivals here in San Diego and and Las Vegas.They had been a guest performer in cw 6  tv and ch44 in Los Angeles.

1:00 pm – Blue Kanon
Blue Kanon is a Japanese music ensemble, performing traditional and contemporary music on the Japanese koto (harp) and shakuhachi (flute). The group was formed in 2006, and since then has played for many cultural events in and around San Diego. Two of the members (Kyoko Takeda — koto, and Jon Crick — shakuhachi) perform every month at the Japanese Friendship Garden in Balboa Park. The Japanese characters for Blue Kanon (舞流華音) translate as “dancing, flowing, brilliant sound”. In English, the name suggests the wonderful blue sky and ocean that we enjoy here in San Diego.

1:30 pm – Studio K
Studio K was founded in July 2013 in Tierrasanta. Studio K offers a variety of dance and fitness classes. It’s performance troupe has performed in the Asian Cultural Festival before, showcasing Commercial Bollywood. Other dance styles include, Latin, Jazz, Hip Hop and Musical Theatre.

2:00 pm – Genbu Daiko of San Diego
Genbu Daiko of San Diego, the newest taiko group on the scene, was founded by Noel Garcia on August 3rd, 2015. Noel has almost 20 years of taiko experience as a performer, freelancer, composer, and educator in both America and Japan. He and his team’s goal is to educate and share the artform of taiko in hopes of spreading creativity and passion throughout the community.

2:30 pm – Bollywood Steps
Bollywood Steps aims to be a platform for spreading cultural awareness and bringing to you the multifaceted ​style of Bollywood dancing in San Diego. We offer dance classes private and group, events, flashmob, weddings we are located in every part of San Diego. Today you will see youngsters Aanvi Rajesh, Anika Donkula, Arnavi Bathija, Sasha Katikala, Jana, and Illena Singh perform!

3:00 pm – Sohaila’s Shining Stars
Sohaila’s Shining Stars in based in Escondido, and performs belly dance  throughout the San Diego area and North County.  The recent successful group performance was at the Lunar Festival at Qualcomm stadium in February, and it was televised as well.  The group is consist of different ethnicity; Japanese, Filipino, German, Jewish, and Caucasian.  It is a well-diverse and culturally very unique group of people.

3:30 pm – First Samoan Baptist Community Youth Group
First Samoan Baptist Community Youth Group is made up of young people of different age groups from middle school to high school and college. Their heart is serve our community with love and  hosting community programs to give back the message of hope and acceptance. They are multifaceted in areas of music and productions at their local church under the leadership of Reverend Benson Mauga. Now they are here to dance for the heart of Polynesia the beautiful island of Samoa. Soifua ma ia manuia.

4:00 pm – Vietnamese Community of San Diego
The Vietnamese Community of San Diego is a non-profit organization which was founded in 2006.  Its mission is to preserve and maintain the Vietnamese heritage culture in the diversity community.

4:30 pm – Crystal Rose US
Bollywood Steps aims to be a platform for spreading cultural awareness and bringing to you the multifaceted ​style of Bollywood dancing in San Diego. We offer dance classes private and group, events, flashmob, weddings we are located in every part of San Diego.

5:00 pm – San Diego Kimono Club
San Diego Kimono Club is a group of fun loving ladies who are very proud of Japanese culture. They get together a couple of times in a month to practice how to wear Kimono which is very complicated as you’ll see the demonstration at the show. On the day of the event, SD Kimono club will show you something very traditional and nontraditional at the same time!

5:30 pm – Polynesian Paradise Dancers
Polynesian music, invigorating live drumming, and a talented cast of exotic Polynesian dancers and musicians in colorful costumes


2017 Emcees

Chris Chan
Chris is an emmy-winning reporter and media consultant. Contact Chris for news reporting, video production, media and public relations, media training.  He graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in International Relations and began his career at CNBC Asia as a producer covering the Asian Financial Crisis, the Hong Kong Handover in 1997 and Muslim rebel camps in the Philippines.

Hula is on the the mornings on the AJ Show as on air talent and producer at Energy 103.7.  He is Executive Producer of The AJ Show at CBS Radio and a Photographer at Photos By Hula.

Krsitina Audencial
Before becoming a reporter, Kristina began her news journey behind the scenes. In 2006 she interned, wrote and produced at local San Diego ABC affiliate, KGTV. She continued on to KUSI and KSWB Fox 5, as a morning and weekend producer. Kristina left San Diego to sign on as a general assignment reporter at KREX News Channel 5 in Grand Junction, Colorado; but returned to KSWB Fox 5 for a “second tour,” but this time as a reporter.

Maria Arcega-Dunn
Maria Arcega-Dunn has been a Broadcast journalist for almost 19 years. She has worked internationally as a correspondent for CNN International, CTV Network in Canada, Global Canada, ABC, FOX News and other national and international news networks.  After 6 years as the main anchor for FOX News in Seattle, Washington, Maria and her teenaged son Nicholas have returned to sunny San Diego where Maria is an anchor and reporter for FOX 5 News.  Catch her on the FOX 5 News Monday through Friday on the 1, 4, 5 and 6pm.

Melissa Mecija
Melissa Mecija joined the 10News team in July 2010. She currently works with Team 10 on daily investigations throughout San Diego County. You can also find her in the evenings in the breaking news Live Center.  Before moving to Investigations, Melissa contributed to 10News This Morning as the morning traffic anchor and also covered important news stories of the day.

Robert Santos
Robert joined ABC 10News in June of 2009. He has since proven to be one of the most versatile and multi-skilled members of the team. He currently anchors 10News Weekend Mornings and during the week, he enjoys reporting on San Diego’s most unique and memorable stories.  Before his move to the anchor desk, Robert forecasted the weather on 10News This Morning and 10News Midday. Since Robert knows weather well, he’s still a valuable asset to the 10News Pinpoint Weather team and fills in whenever the need arises. He’s a graduate of the Broadcast Meteorology Program at Mississippi State University.

Sharon Chen
Sharon Chen joins Fox 5 San Diego as the newest team member.  Sharon was born in Chicago, but grew up in Clairemont, California.  She considers herself a California native and could not be happier to be living and reporting in San Diego.  Recognizable from her 6 years as a Reporter at XETV San Diego 6 News, Sharon is a Multi-Emmy nominated and award winning journalist.

Sherry Knight
Sherry Knight is the evening personality at CBS RADIO’s adult contemporary KYKY, San Diego.